Build Your Own Total System Power Analyzer

Overall Score

In addition to the boot up sequence, we take our QX6700 and subject it to three common stress tools, used by many review sites, to put the load on their test systems. First up is Maxon’s Cinebench R10, a 3D rendering benchmark intended to simulate the work load expected for Cinema 4D.





The run was done in two steps, first the single core run followed by the full threaded run, notably the multithreaded run takes the least time, however the more interesting observation is the total power. Starting from an idle draw of about 54 W, a single threaded rendering draws roughly 70 W and slowly increases to 72 W at the end of the render. The multithreaded run consumes between 106 to 112 W, averaging around 109 W overall. As we shall see later this is not actually the ultimate stress (thermally) of the CPU, but more interestingly are two other observations. No extra power is drawn from the 24 pin inputs during the run. Furthermore, the speed up in processing is roughly 3.4X from single to multithreaded, however the power consumed by the processor is not even double.

From a purely power perspective, multicore makes a lot of sense in this type of application.


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