Blizzcon 2009 – Day 2

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Blizzcon 2009 was an absolute blast. This was my favorite Blizzcon so far but I will admit that day 2’s coverage will be a little dry as far as my coverage goes. Why? Most of the day was full of video panels and live tournaments. There was even a live 25man raid where one of the best guilds challenged multiple raid bosses at the same time from dungeons like Naxx and Black Temple. This was also our last chance to be able to play the game demos made available to us during Blizzcon. We spent a couple sessions playing Diablo 3 and Starcraft II, pure

Taking pictures of people, artwork, and powerpoint slides was rather easy on day 1. However, day 2 was for too interactive for my DSLR with no video capabilities to keep up with.

Interactive content for Day 2:

  • Live World of Warcraft Areana 3v3 finals.
  • Live DOTA tournament at the Steelseries booth.
  • Live World of Warcraft raid.
  • Live Starcraft finals.
  • Playing Diablo III over and over
  • Playing Starcraft II over and over
  • World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, it was there, I didn’t play it though.
  • Multiple Q & A sessions

All this content can be seen by searching Youtube for Blizzcon 2009.

We even had 8 people from our group wait in line for three hours in an attempt to win a Spectral Tiger mount that was selling on ebay for over $1000 with plenty of interested buyers. In our group we managed to win two Ethereal Plunderers that are selling on ebay for about $250, it’s an in-game pet that you can summon. We also managed to win two Biscuits that when used can make a pet much larger.

I was able to get some stellar pictures of Level 80 Elite Tauren Cheiftan and the Ozzy Osbourne concert though!

So let’s rock!

Blizzards very own TAFKAL80ETC (The Artists Formerly known as Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain) consists of Blizzard Employees. They played live on stage as the opening band to Ozzy Osbourne.

The band consists of:

  • Samwise Didier – The world famous artist of the Blizzard lore and lead singer of the band. A senior Blizzard employee. (Vocalist)
  • Chris Sigaty – Lead producer of Starcraft II. (Rhythm guitarist)
  • Dave Berggren – Concept artist and game designer. (Lead guitarist)
  • Michael Morhaime – President and co-founder of Blizzard. (Bassist)
  • Alan Dabiri – Senior programmer and senior Blizzard employee. (Drummer)

They rock the stage every year.




Here are some music videos to enjoy:

I am Murloc

Rogues do it from behind

Power of the Horde (Just outside of Shattrath before Blizzcon 2007)

The prince of darkness plays live…





















Ozzy played some of the best songs from his “Blizzard of Ozz” cd:

  • Crazy Train
  • Mr. Crowly
  • I don’t know
  • Suicide Solution

Then we jumped into some Black Sabbath, it was pretty amazing, about 8 songs were sang in total at 120 decibels.

Making this show one of the most epic shows was Ozzy’s newest band member. They invited this special guitarist on stage to be the lead guitarist for Crazy Train. Introducing Yuto Miyazawa.











Then we wrapped up the show with one last dark picture but we all loved it because Ozzy was looking down at us.

From left to right: Anh, Kevin, Miles and Myself.

Anh was a previous guild mate whom we decided to meet up with before Blizzcon 2007. He decided to attend again this year.


That’s a wrap.

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