Apevia X Pleasure Full Tower Case

Overall Score

Today I am reviewing the Apevia X Pleasure full tower aluminum case. $114 USD with $30USD MIR from the egg totalling $89USD after MIR.

Heres the box, it’s big and looks like a good reusable stuff container. The handle is stronger than the corrugated box, so i’ll need to be careful of what i store in it.

This case comes in a few more colors than your average PC case manufacturer would provide which is pretty cool. I ordered black as its Johnny Cash’s favorite color.

My first impression of the feet are that they are a bit weak looking and likely wouldnt hold up in rough surroundings. The placement of them arguably could make it easier to tip when folded in. It seems when you tip it while they are extended they fold in ,At least thats what happened on my carpet.Hmm.I dont want to screw them up testing that theory though.

I like the fan grill its metal and stylish, but the stylishness gets sort of lost by the way they cut out the plastic beneath, The grill is made of thin metal, probably cheap alloy like tin with some type of shiny plating. This fan and the rear fan both exhaust air in stock config.

The door latch assembly is alot more thought out than I’d thought it would be and is well protected with a cover. Pressing forward releases the latch and both panels can be folded out for removal.

Initially the drive bay chassis are nice to look at and have tool less mounting via hand actuated latch. My main interest here is how much room do we have for the big bad boy cards.The trays are adequate for the purpose and overall price of the case,and the removal of these is a nice benny.

As you can see, the cables can route though a mounted plastic locking strap behind the bays. Alternatively you can use the plastic aperature, that is mounted behind the drive bay chassis as a cable manager as well. I removed the strange plastic piece in lieu of a more direct management style.

The only quick mount clips provided for the Apevia X Pleasure case are for the 5.25 inch devices and there are enough for 4 5.25 devices, and work well in the design, but they do make me wonder about how easy they could break. They are pretty flexible, and the provided screws could likely damage the plastic if over tightened.But that would take some idiotic brute force.

The package of screws is pretty large, and too many for my use , but its always good to have spares. How many standoffs do you need? There are alot.

The great thing about full cases is how the wires can be spread out and become less problematic.with a few twist ties or zip ties you can create a clean appearance.

plugged in and booted…..

So the price is arguable, $89 with MIR from Newegg makes the Apevia X Pleasure a winner but the ridiculous placement of the hdd fan on the middle tray limits card length to 9 inches with a max available 11 and 3/8 inches or there about with no hdd’s in the center chassis.
The design of the case is not long enough for DX10 bad boys unless you have no hdd’s in the middle.

The front door isn’t very nice to my 5.25 audigy drive bay device and causes the door to remain open an inch, Moving it to the very top slot solved that issue… I really don’t like doors at all but I do like tricky fluff like gauges that glow; and that part is cool. But unless i modify the quick release to set the device back my door will remain open. This case’s front door cannot be closed with an audigy bay device, I looked at modding it and the PCB for the gauges is right there behind the plastic casing.

The motherboard tray is marked ambiguously on every standoff hole, with M,A,H,and MA ,likely signifying form factor assignments but not as reliable as a pencil mark through the mobo for each standoff.

Its light, its aluminum so it releases heat faster than steel, and it looks cool with the lights off. The locks are pretty cool but any brute could get past them.
Case temps seem normal on idle compared to my wind tunnel rig likely due to the fact that there are 2 120mm fans pulling the 2 80mm fans intake out. This creates a lot more positive flow than my old setup. I am tempted to get some specialty fans to lower case temps but 27c isn’t too bad with the CPU at 30-33c ATI tool lists my GPU at 43c so for less electricity my airflow improves due largely to the generous interior space, and dual 120mm exhaust; compared to my old wind tunnel, this case is a good performer.

Id say this case ranks a 9 for the price but a 3 for the diehard enthusiast with all the fun toys and big bad cards running insane raptor raids configs.
The noise level going from my old 4 yr old mid tower is greatly reduced as I had 4 high rpm high CFM 80mm fans with potentiometers for adjusting speed. It sounded like a muffled vacuum cleaner.


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