AMD Interlagos -An Easy Upgrade?

9.0 Overall Score

Very easy to upgrade | Good Performance

Performance per core

General Overview

OS6276WKTGGGU – These CPUs have 8 Bulldozer modules with 16-cores running at a base clock speed of 2.3GHz. Like their desktop cousin, they have the ability to Turbo up one or more cores while staying under their 115W TDP.

For testing, we pulled one server out of our cloud and equipped it with first one, then both CPUs. As stated previously, we are comparing it to the 2.0GHz Opteron 6128 CPUs we had on hand. System specs are as follows: Supermicro 2022TG-HTRF (4-Node system, one node utilized for testing) 8 x 4GB sticks of DDR3-1333 ECC Registered RAM Opteron 6128 (2.0GHz) and Opteron 6276 (2.3GHz) 1 x Western Digital RE4 1TB drive. Windows 2008 R2 64-bit and CentOS 5.7 64-bit operating systems With the arrival of Interlagos, the Supermicro 2022TG-HTRF supports up to 32 CPU Cores and 256GB RAM per node. If you fully equip all 4 nodes, that is a maximum of 128 CPU Cores and 1TB RAM. The chassis also packs in redundant 1400w power supplies, Intergrated IPMI 2.0, PCI-E 2.0 16X slot (1 per node), and Infinniband (optional). For cloud providers, that’s a whole lot of power in small footprint. For our tests we will be running UnixBench 64-bit, Sandra SiSoft, CineBench R10 and R11, and PassMark.


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