Graphics Reviews

Gigabyte GV-R797TO-3GD (, )
May 30, 2013 -

We’ve done some work with Gigabyte in the past. We’ve always like their products from mainboards to graphics cards, even cases. … Read More »

Zotac ZBOX AMD E-350 APU (, , , )
May 30, 2011 -

We’ve seen a couple of things from Zotac. When we started to really notice them it was catering to Small… Read More »

Zotac GTX 260 AMP! Edition ()
September 17, 2008 -

You might not have heard about Zotac, but they make some cool video cards. One of which I have for… Read More »

nVIDIA’s GTX 280’s and Scaling ()
September 3, 2008 -

Everyone has seen them. A lot of people want them. Some people have at least one. nVIDIA’s GTX 280 is… Read More »

This is Xtreme hardware! ()
September 1, 2008 -

While at nvision 08 I had a chance to peek at what Shamino considers an overclockers card with his modded… Read More »

NVISION 08 – The Nexus of Graphical Technology ()
August 26, 2008 -

  I’ll tell you, I didn’t really know what to expect from nvision 08, especially when I walked into the… Read More »

Asus HD 4870 – An Evolutionary Design ()
August 14, 2008 -

  The HD4870 Lineage The road to the HD4870 and to this Asus designed card has indeed been a long… Read More »

Overclocking the HD3870X2 ()
April 7, 2008 -

All right… so a few weeks have passed and the most asked question for HD 3870X2 owners is: "How do… Read More »

HD3870 Crossfire Scaling: P35 vs X38 (, )
February 28, 2008 -

With the current price to performance ratios on midrange graphics cards like the ATI HD38x0 series and nVidia’s 8800GT/GTS-512, there’s… Read More »

Sapphire Radeon X1900XT 512MB ()
September 18, 2007 -

Introduction So the internal battle rages on between nVIDIA and ATi after a relative tie between the ATi Radeon x1800XT… Read More »