General Reviews

iPhone 3G — Update 2.0.2 — Problems and Fixes ()
August 20, 2008 -

So Apple released 2.0.2 which was NOT exactly the expected release that the iPhone community had hoped for. As tested… Read More »

XCPUS @ IDF Semi-Coverage ()
August 19, 2008 -

Today is the first day of Intel’s long-anticipated Intel Developer’s Forum (IDF). Unfortunately for’s readers, the reporter (Viperabyss) had… Read More »

A Retrospective Look: The Blackberry vs the iPhone 3G ()
August 14, 2008 -

One night a few weeks ago I got a call from a college friend saying she was in town and… Read More »

HP Pavilion dv6548ea Review ()
August 13, 2008 -

So as the title says this is a review of Intel’s Santa Rosa platform notebook HP Pavilion dv6548ea. In this… Read More »

XCPUs $1000 Gaming Build ()
August 11, 2008 -

We all dream of owning PCs with blazing overclocked quad-cores, multi-GPU setups, and oodles of hard drive space. Those dreams… Read More »

ASUS ROGCon Gamer’s Convention – Day 2 ()
August 9, 2008 -

Day 2 of ASUS ROGCon in Dallas has started off well.  At the Kingston booth this morning gamers in the… Read More »

ASUS ROGCon Gamer’s Convention – Day 1 ()
August 8, 2008 -

[img]ROGCon_logo.jpg[/img]   The Republic of Gamers Convention, ROGCon for short, kicked off today in sunny (and HOT!) Dallas, TX.  Xtreme… Read More »

$700 Budget Gaming Build ()
August 7, 2008 -

High end gear, we all want it, but not all of us can afford it. More often than not many… Read More »

Garmin Rhino 520HCx — GPS with a twist ()
March 6, 2008 -

They have arrived!!! This morning a package arrived on my door step wearing that now familiar Garmin Shipping Label. This… Read More »

Garmin Nuvi 760 ()
February 7, 2008 -

I have had nearly a month now with the Garmin NUVI model 760. During that time, again I have to… Read More »