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Cooler Master Sentinel Advanced Gaming Mouse ()
August 9, 2010 -

Cooler Master’s Sentinel Advanced Gaming Mouse was available for purchase in September of 2009.  With design inspiration given by pro gamers, the Sentinel delivers… Read More »

Arctic Sound E352 Earbuds from Arctic Cooling ()
February 22, 2010 -

Arctic Cooling was founded in 2001 with Headquarters in Switzerland and offices in Hong Kong and California.  Originally created to… Read More »

Supermicro 2U Twin2 6026TT-HIBQRF ()
February 7, 2010 -

Introduction Anyone that builds their own servers knows that Supermicro products are the top-shelf gear of the server world. Our… Read More »

Patriot Box Office Home Media Player ()
January 25, 2010 -

Bridging the gap between your personal computer and home entertainment system can be a complicated and costly endeavor.  There are… Read More »

CES 2010, First-timer Impressions ()
January 21, 2010 -

As a CES “first-timer” I was expecting great things from one of the most talked about electronics showcases in the… Read More »

XCPU LN2 event 2010 ()
January 9, 2010 -

With two new Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 motherboards and a 4890 supplied by Gigabyte, two i950’s supplied by Bird Hosting, a set… Read More »

CES 2010 ()
January 9, 2010 -

CES2010 Las Vegas, NV This year we decided to stay at the Mandalay Bay hotel, one of the great advantages… Read More »

Booth Babes of CES 2010: NSFW ()
January 9, 2010 -

Pictures speak much much louder than words.   Click here to discuss

Cooler Master Party 2010 ()
January 9, 2010 -

Here are some of the exciting products that Cooler Master had on display this year. You should also know that… Read More »

New products revealed by Patriot Memory at CES 2010 ()
January 7, 2010 -

Patriot Memory opened CES 2010 by celebrating 25 years in business.  Starting out as a third party manufacturer, Patriot Memory… Read More »