General Reviews

A Quick Introduction: Microsoft Surface Pro 64GB (, , )
February 22, 2013 -

Microsoft has really been on the fore front of portable devices, and has done a good job designing them.  We’ve… Read More »

Coolermaster CM Storm Quickfire Pro ()
May 17, 2012 -

I was given the opportunity to test one of the new Coolermaster Quickfire Pro keyboards, which features Cherry MX Brown Switches.

Dell Viking DCS (, , )
November 2, 2011 -

Dell has always been well known for supplying budget computer peripherals.  Their server lineup has always been a bit different. … Read More »

Is Cooler Master’s CM Storm Spawn an affordable gaming mouse? (, )
July 10, 2011 -

Cooler Mater’s Storm line of gaming garb has brought us innovative gear with products like the HAF X, the Sentinel… Read More »

Zotac ZBOX Blu-ray HD-ID34 (, , )
June 9, 2011 -

At Xtreme CPU we love to test, almost as much as GLaDOS loves to test.  I just happened to have… Read More »

Applogic 3.0 Backbone Fabric Controller ()
May 30, 2011 -

When CA took over 3Tera, it was a very interesting transition.  Going from a 20 man shop to a huge… Read More »

Juniper EX2200-24T-4G Switch (, )
May 23, 2011 -

  Xtreme CPU has not been known to do many networking reviews.  We want to change that.  We have been doing a… Read More »

Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Gaming Mouse ()
August 18, 2010 -

Introduction In our two most recent gaming mice reviews, we covered some very top quality pieces of hardware.  Razer and… Read More »

Gaming Mouse Showdown: Sentinel vs Mamba ()
August 12, 2010 -

What makes a player good in any game is not their mouse, but what separates them can be.  No badass… Read More »

Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse Review ()
August 9, 2010 -

The Razer Mamba, named after the deadly Black Mamba snake, is an expensive gaming mouse.  Being the top dog from… Read More »