CPUs Reviews

Intel E8700 Preview: The True Last Great Dual Core? ()
March 31, 2009 -

Back in August of 2008 with “Codename Nehalem” on the horizon and rumors of quad, hex and octocore CPUs we… Read More »

Far Cry 2 – Single to Quad Core Scaling ()
February 3, 2009 -

Introduction: With the onset of quad cores becoming mainstream for gaming and everday average user computers — not just enthusiasts… Read More »

Phenom II 940 Review: Clock for clock Deneb vs. Yorkfield ()
January 31, 2009 -

Phenom II, by JumpingJack Unless you have been on Mars or trapped on a deserted island for the past six… Read More »

Unleash the Beast: Core i7 and X58 ()
December 4, 2008 -

[img]IMG_0471.JPG[/img] Intel often, if not always, selects generic names, typically geographical locations, for unreleased products in efforts to avoid trouble… Read More »

Intel E8600 Review: E0 Stepping, the Last Great Dual Core? ()
August 12, 2008 -

Introduction:  By JumpingJack The computer enthusiast has had quite the treat over the past two years, Intel launched the successful… Read More »

E2, E4 & E6 Series FSB Mods ()
July 14, 2008 -

Overclocking of yesteryear was something of a true art. A science where you best friend was a number two pencil… Read More »

Lost Planet: The Battle Ground — When CPU and GPU Collide ()
May 25, 2008 -

  While benchmarking for a comprehensive battle of the clocks between Intel’s best and AMD’s best one benchmark, a gaming… Read More »

Litho Node and Moore’s Law ()
September 21, 2007 -

Litho Node and Moore’s Law (09/21/07 – Rev 0)   Introduction The recent 2007 spring IDF saw an appearance of… Read More »

CPU’s Shed Light Pt. 1 ()
June 9, 2007 -

A lot of data is beginning to surface from places like IEEE and CIE, about the possible next generation of… Read More »