Is Intel Desperate?

So this is somewhat of a controversial post I suppose.  But seriously.  Has Intel gotten lazy?  Have they gotten Desperate?

Today almost feels like when the Athlon came out, and Intel was touting their Pentium 4 Prescotts. It took them all the way to the Core 2 to really finally get a good edge over AMD.  Are we seeing the same thing again today?  2 Days ago we caught wind of Intel releasing a Core i9-9980XE, to replace the Core i9-7980XE, the only thing?  Absolutely nothing.

The only difference between the Core i9-9980XE, and the i9-7980XE is very simple.  Core Clocks boosted 400MHz, and Boost Clock from 4.2GHz to 4.4GHz.  Oh yes, the MSRP is 20 dollars cheaper as well.  Processor tech is 14nm++, versus the 14nm+.  Both CPU’s suppose to same Architecture.

With the event of the I9-9900K releasing shortly after AMD Released the Ryzen 2700X,  Intel’s previous stance was, “Quad core is all that can be achieved in a mainstream processor”. Now AMD is supporting 8 Cores, 16 Threads, and doing it for a lot less than Intel can with very good performance results.  Rumors show going from 14nm, to 12nm, gave a nice performance increase for AMD, now with 7nm looming around the corner, that performance could get even better, and if Intel is not prepared for it, yeah, there is a real chance that they will be doing what they did in the days of Prescott. Left in the dark.

While we do not have one of the new 9980XE’s in hand.  looking at what some of the big players have tested,  the results are not crazy…  While there is an increase due to base core clock, its really nothing that is innovative, and amazing.  We may see better overclocks without removing the heatspreader because the new Core i9-9980XE has Solder Thermal Interface Material (STIM).  This is essentially gives better bonding from the core, to the heat spreader allowing for better heat transfer from the core package, to the heat spreader.  Some would say that the 7980XE should have come stock like this.  Especially for a sub 2000 dollar processor.

We will see how everything pans out, but with AMD releasing 7nm processors with the 3000 Series lineup of Zen (2).  Intel may not be the mainstream line of processors.  Computers just got interesting again…

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