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Review: Portability done right: ASUS UL80VT Notebook

By Viperabyss, October 29, 2009 0

Despite the smashing success of the Atom, Intel was soon to face another problem: how to keep Atom in the… Read More »

Review: Arctic Cooling Launches New Mainstream Coolers and Fans

By Viperabyss, June 4, 2009 0

Arctic Cooling has long been known for their line of inexpensive, yet very effective mainstream coolers. Being an European company from… Read More »

Review: MSI Ventures Further Into Enthusiast Market

By Viperabyss, June 4, 2009 0

Although MSI is not a new name in the component market, it has mostly occupied the mainstream and low end… Read More »

Review: Win 7 XP Mode Preview

By Viperabyss, June 3, 2009 0

One of the thing that excites enthusiasts the most about the XP Mode in Windows 7 is the backward compatibility… Read More »

Review: XCPUS @ IDF Semi-Coverage

By Viperabyss, August 19, 2008 0

Today is the first day of Intel’s long-anticipated Intel Developer’s Forum (IDF). Unfortunately for’s readers, the reporter (Viperabyss) had… Read More »