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By Keith Jackson, July 6, 2010 0

Over six years ago, the 80 PLUS initiative began. Under this program, PSUs can be certified to run at 80% (or… Read More »

By Keith Jackson, March 18, 2010 0

CoolerMaster is one of the most prominent producers of enthusiast grade computer components. Their products include CPU coolers, fans, cases,… Read More »

By Keith Jackson, February 10, 2010 0

Founded in 1999, Thermaltake is now one of the most recognizable and prevalent manufacturers in the PC hardware business. So… Read More »

Review: SilverStone Strider 1500w

By Keith Jackson, October 10, 2009 0

  Founded in 2003, SilverStone has quickly become a market leader throughout many segments of the PC hardware business. Starting… Read More »

Review: In Win Commander 1200w

By Keith Jackson, September 9, 2009 0

In Win was founded in 1985 as a computer chassis company. Through the years, In Win has grown into other… Read More »

Review: Cooler Master UCP-1100w

By Keith Jackson, June 25, 2009 0

[img]1.jpg[/img] Cooler Master is a leading supplier of enthusiast components, dealing in cases, power supplies, CPU coolers, and fans. Cooler… Read More »

Review: Leganfuh’s June Folding Contest

By Keith Jackson, May 28, 2009 0

XCPUs and the TOP-15 WORLDWIDE folder Leganfuh are proud to announce Leganfuh’s June Folding@Home Contest! [img]ProteinShop.jpg[/img] Up for grabs will… Read More »

Review: Dell XPS M1730 Review

By Keith Jackson, January 21, 2009 0

[img]sv_xps_fam_article_002.jpg[/img] The XPS M1730 is Dell’s high-end 17" laptop. As of the current date, it is at the top of… Read More »

Review: Zotac NF630I-D-E mini-ITX Review

By Keith Jackson, November 18, 2008 0

[img]logo.jpg[/img] In November 2001, VIA Technologies released to the public a brand new, and incredibly tiny (17cm x 17cm) form… Read More »

Review: Abit IP35 Modding

By Keith Jackson, June 20, 2008 1

The Abit IP35 Pro motherboard is a solid board, as has been evidenced by numerous expert reviews, and the opinions… Read More »