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Review: Asus HD 4870 – An Evolutionary Design

By Lindon Thomas, August 14, 2008 0

  The HD4870 Lineage The road to the HD4870 and to this Asus designed card has indeed been a long… Read More »

Review: 4GB Kit Shootout: DDR2 At It’s Best

By Lindon Thomas, June 25, 2008 0

With the heyday of DDR2 coming and going, Xtreme CPU pits the top dogs against each other…

Review: Cooler Master Hyper Z600

By Lindon Thomas, May 27, 2008 0

An Introduction to the Madness Again, the time rolls around for what I like to call the review rush. Cases,… Read More »

Review: CoolerMaster Aquagate S1

By Lindon Thomas, October 30, 2007 0

Cooler Master is founded on just one simple thing. Make the best hardware that can be made, period. Cooler Master’s… Read More »

Review: The Coolermaster Sphere

By Lindon Thomas, October 30, 2007 0

Introduction When I first received this cooler, there was one word to truly describe how I felt, whoa. Coolermaster had… Read More »

Review: Thermal Interface Material Review Pt. 1

By Lindon Thomas, September 3, 2007 0

THERMAL GREASE SHOOTOUT The Competitors: Masscool Shin-Etsu x23 Arctic Silver Ceramique Frozen CPU Copper Coolaboratory Liquid Pro Zalman ZM-STG1 Arctic… Read More »

Review: DDR2 On A Budget

By Lindon Thomas, July 3, 2007 0

Do you need to spend over $150 to get good performance out of your RAM? Do you need sticks with… Read More »

Review: XCPU’s Guide To RAID

By Lindon Thomas, June 30, 2007 0 ,

What is RAID? RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks but originally meant redundant array of inexpensive disks. It… Read More »