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Review: XCPUS puts the HP Mini 1000 netbook to the test

By Michael Wallace, May 29, 2009 0

[img]untitled.bmp[/img] With the introduction of Intel’s Atom processor, netbooks have exploding onto the portable computer scene.  Your typical netbook comes… Read More »

Review: Foxconn Blood RAGE X58

By Michael Wallace, May 16, 2009 0

[img]bloodrage.gif[/img] [img]Slogan.gif[/img] fu·ry Pronunciation: \’fyu?r-e\ Function: noun Inflected Form(s): plural furies Etymology: Middle English furie, from Latin furia, from furere… Read More »

Review: Cooler Master HAF 922 Mid Tower Case Review

By Michael Wallace, May 12, 2009 0

[img]DSC_6170.JPG[/img] Cooler Master has recently launched their versatile Storm series chassis (Sniper review and Scout review), geared toward gamers with a… Read More »

Review: Dell Mini 10 Review and Windows 7 Preview

By Michael Wallace, April 17, 2009 0

[timg]P1000919.jpg[/timg] We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? This is a bit of a special review because it’s a set… Read More »

Review: Cooler Master Storm Scout Case Review – The True Gaming Case

By Michael Wallace, April 9, 2009 0

Getting to know CM Storm: We have already taken a look at the first of Cooler Master’s new Storm series… Read More »

Review: Silverstone SG03…micro size, macro power

By Michael Wallace, April 2, 2009 0

[img]ramrac.jpg[/img] Not long ago, computer enthusiasts did not exist, at least not as we know them now.  Not long ago,… Read More »

Review: Intel E8700 Full Review – Air/Water/DICE/Phase

By Michael Wallace, April 1, 2009 0

You saw the exciting “Preview” of the new dual core king – the E8700 from Intel. Now you see the… Read More »

Review: Intel E8700 Preview: The True Last Great Dual Core?

By Michael Wallace, March 31, 2009 0

Back in August of 2008 with “Codename Nehalem” on the horizon and rumors of quad, hex and octocore CPUs we… Read More »

Review: In Win Stealth Bomber B2 Case Review

By Michael Wallace, March 28, 2009 0

A little about In Win [img]logo.jpg[/img] About the company- IN-WIN Development Inc., an ISO 9001 manufacturer of professional computer chassis,… Read More »

Review: Thermaltake v1 AX CPU Cooler for S1366

By Michael Wallace, March 11, 2009 0

[img]ttLogo.jpg[/img] Cool all your life. That message is embedded in Thermaltake’s logo and plastered on their entire product line.  What… Read More »