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Dell has always been well known for supplying budget computer peripherals. Their server lineup has always been a bit different. … Read More »

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At Xtreme CPU we love to test, almost as much as GLaDOS loves to test. I just happened to have… Read More »

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When CA took over 3Tera, it was a very interesting transition. Going from a 20 man shop to a huge… Read More »

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We’ve seen a couple of things from Zotac. When we started to really notice them it was catering to Small… Read More »

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  Xtreme CPU has not been known to do many networking reviews. We want to change that. We have been doing a… Read More »

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Introduction Anyone that builds their own servers knows that Supermicro products are the top-shelf gear of the server world. Our… Read More »

Review: Cooler Master 690 II Advanced with water cooling

By Michael Wallace, January 9, 2010 1

Cooler Master is known for CPU cooling and great cases at affordable prices. The original CM 690 was both affordable… Read More »

Review: New products revealed by Patriot Memory at CES 2010

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Patriot Memory opened CES 2010 by celebrating 25 years in business. Starting out as a third party manufacturer, Patriot Memory… Read More »

Review: Silverstone Raven 2 Water Cooled

By Michael Wallace, September 29, 2009 0

[img]ravenlowres2.jpg[/img] Last year Silverstone introduced its Raven line of PC cases with the RV01. The original Raven case introduced some… Read More »

Review: Computex – Supermicro

By Michael Wallace, June 5, 2009 0

Supermicro has been around for a while now but this is the first show that we have seen them in. … Read More »