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Review: The Irregular Rant: What’s In A Name?

By Michael Wallace, July 1, 2008 0

I can’t take it anymore. Really, I just can’t. I know that one lone semi insane person in a corner… Read More »

Review: Overclocking the HD3870X2

By Michael Wallace, April 7, 2008 0

All right… so a few weeks have passed and the most asked question for HD 3870X2 owners is: "How do… Read More »

Review: HD3870 Crossfire Scaling: P35 vs X38

By Michael Wallace, February 28, 2008 0 ,

With the current price to performance ratios on midrange graphics cards like the ATI HD38x0 series and nVidia’s 8800GT/GTS-512, there’s… Read More »

Review: The Irregular Rant: iPhone, Invention of the Year?

By Michael Wallace, February 6, 2008 0

As a visit to our forums (much thanks to our resident tech God Jack for again bringing this to the… Read More »

Review: Hard Drive 101

By Michael Wallace, January 19, 2008 0

Where do you begin when talking about hard drives? The ports? The data? No, wait I have it. The history… Read More »

Review: DVD To MKV With 5.1 Sound Guide

By Michael Wallace, January 13, 2008 0

Tools Needed: •    MeGUI •    AVISynth 2.5 Ok after hours and hours of fiddling around I figured out how to get… Read More »

Review: Asus Maximus Formula

By Michael Wallace, October 24, 2007 0

Introduction One of the first boards released based on Intel’s X38 chipset is the Asus Maximus Formula with DDR2 RAM… Read More »

Review: The Irregular Rant: The Prius and the Apple

By Michael Wallace, October 10, 2007 0

I have something to get of my chest. And no it isn’t about Barcelona’s lackluster performance or the inability of… Read More »

Review: Sapphire Radeon X1900XT 512MB

By Michael Wallace, September 18, 2007 0

Introduction So the internal battle rages on between nVIDIA and ATi after a relative tie between the ATi Radeon x1800XT… Read More »

Review: eVGA GeForce 8800 Ultra

By Michael Wallace, August 3, 2007 0

All right, my GeForce 8800 Ultra has arrived! It arrived from Newegg nicely packed (as most orders are from Newegg)… Read More »