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By Lindon Thomas, June 26, 2011 0 Gaming, General

“Anonymous” collective of  pranksters and hackers who have claimed responsibility for a myriad of hacks and attacks LulzSec, have claimed to have called it quits via their Twitter feed. LulzSec, as you no doubt remember have claimed responsibility for a… Read More »

By Lindon Thomas, June 21, 2011 0 General

We’ve all said it, when Lulzsec threatened to started messing with people’s WoW and Steam accounts things would get real. According to a press release by the cybercrime division of the London Metropolitan Police ((PCeU) a 19-year-old man possibly connected to… Read More »

By Lindon Thomas, June 16, 2011 2 Gaming

We can’t go a day without some major company being hacked, and joining the list of gaming companies on the “I’ve Been Hacked” list is BioWare. The company has released a statement detailing an attack and the amount of data… Read More »