Xbox One Revealed Today

Today, Microsoft unveiled it’s newest gaming machine, the Xbox One.  The live event is happening now and we’ll keep you updated with what information we get.

xbox one

1:48pm – Just announced with the help of Steven Spielberg, there is going to be a live action TV show of Halo.

1:51pm  – The all-in-one entertainment system for your living room.  Launching later this year… no confirmed date.  E3 will be showcasing more games and exclusives for Xbox One.  On stage now is Activision introducing Call of Duty Ghosts, exclusive to the Xbox One.  Everything you new about Call of Duty is now new in Ghosts.  New characters, new worlds, new gameplay.

The next gen engine for Call of Duty is all new, creating beautiful environments and characters.  Multiplayer will be introducing dynamic maps in Call of Duty Ghosts along with character customization.  A demonstration was shown between the differences of MW3 and Ghosts.  Discussed were the differences in texture, lighting, polygons, etc…. Amazingly, this is everything that has been available to PC gamers for years, but that is a debate best left out of this coverage.

What do you guys think of the new look and new ideas happening with the Xbox One?

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