The Irregular Rant: iPhone, Invention of the Year?

As a visit to our forums (much thanks to our resident tech God Jack for again bringing this to the front of my brain), or Dailytech will show, Time has once again come out with what they consider to be Ray Ban Sunglasses the Inventions of the Year. Usually, such a topic only causes only minor unrest in the uber geek category. You know, like if carbon nanotubes should beat out more efficient photovoltaic cells. Really, minor stuff. But this year, they’ve decided to throw caution to the wind. Oh yes. Controversy, here we come. They have named <a href="" onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'outbound-article', '', 'Cheap Jerseys']);" NFL Jerseys Cheap target=”_blank”>Cheap Jerseys the Apple iPhone, the invention of the year. Let me repeat that just in cause it didn’t really sink in. They have named the iPhone. The. Invention. Of. The. Year. The Tech cheap nfl jerseys Gods are going to be mad. Never mind oakley womens sunglasses of course, those with some semblance of intelligence or thought.

Let me just start by saying that I have nothing cheap jordans online against Apple hardware or software. I like the simplistic approach cheap football jerseys they take in everything, and making technology more accessible for the common man. I like that they’ve made MP3 players into a commodity, driving down oakley sunglasses outlet the prices and basically jump starting the digital Cheap Jordans music world. d’Azur, I like iTunes. I like cheap football jerseys that it makes both the RIAA and the MPAA scared. Steve Jobs is quite right to custom jerseys be moving away from DRM’ed and copy protected music since Fake Ray Bans that ends up not only hurting the consumer, but the company jordans for cheap as well. I can even live with uu the over inflated price that seems endemic to the white plastic and chrome products that have the Apple logo. After all, it’s a niche that really pays that much for about Warcraft: the same as a PC. Well maybe not for the MP3 player. But Escort I digress.

Out of all the great breakthroughs, inventions, Cheap Oakleys oakley sunglasses sale discoveries and theories to come out in this year, Samsung they choose wholesale jerseys china the iPhone. To the author of that article. The iPhone isn’t an cheap fake oakleys invention. It’s just a pretty smartphone. Granted, the user interface might make it more accessible to everyone and their grandmother, but an invention that does not make. Take a look at the features that ray ban outlet this so called "invention" has. The much heralded touch screen, which just about every tech writer couldn’t stop going on and on about. Those with a memory Cheap Jordan Sale longer than a goldfish or past the last Apple press release (which ever is longer) might remember a company called Palm. As a matter of fact, they still exist. They had a touch screen <a href="" onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'outbound-article', '', 'jordans for sale']);" cheap nfl jerseys target=”_blank”>jordans for sale too. Loooong before. And boy, do I mean long.

What about the on screen touch keyboard? Uh, no not new. Palm and others did this first. I’ve heard comments about how this is the first product with WiFi. Nope. The WinMo Dash and Blackjack had that before. Hell, Palms since the Tungsten W had the ability to connect to WiFi wholesale nfl jersyes networks. Wireless syncing? Again, see everyone else. Notepad? Surely, you must be joking. The ability to play music and video. Name one smartphone out Cheap MLB Jerseys for the last 2 years that couldn’t do cheap jerseys such. Just one. You pregiudicato can’t. Never mind that most have expandable storage. Unlike the iPhone. Google Maps? Okay, now you’re getting just desperate.

The iPhone, while being a great piece of engineering and a beautiful and Fake Oakleys friendly combination of technology is just that. A combination of technology, certainly not in anyway Yonca a invention. Alexander Graham Bell would be insulted, that’s for sure. As both noted members Superfly and Hergieburbur have said, take a Blackberry, strip Fake Oakleys out the features, add a cheap football jerseys sexy case, wholesale football jerseys and restrict to one network, and voila, you have yourself a iPhone. Don’t ray ban outlet forget to jack up the price while you’re at it.

What really irks me the most is that they chose a phone over anything else as the overall best invention, never mind this phone’s dubious classification. This year, there was a laser invented that targets viruses and leaves healthy cells alone. There is Intel’s new cheap jordans online 45nm process technology. The guys at Carnegie Melon developed a car that drives itself. Surely that could beat the phone in the "Already Invented Inventions" category. Case Western Reserve University developed a genetically stronger, faster and healthier mouse. These cheap nba jerseys inventions all have an impact on everyone’s lives. Nine in ten people will at sometime be in a situation that will necessitate a blood transfusion, yet only 10% of the population jordans for sale donates blood. My thoughts on the use of blood in medical procedures be damned, this affects just about everyone. Intel’s push Fake Oakleys towards a smaller process brings more and more power to smaller scales, enabling easy to program software to go places we never expected them to go while at the same time, ray ban sunglasses sale lowering heat and power usage. This can help move more powerful computers to places where it just wasn’t feasible before. Cities are more congested than ever. Car accidents claim so Cheap Jerseys From China many lives, to list the statistics would just be gratuitous and useless. Everyone has been in some kind of traffic accident and if they haven’t, they will by the time they die. The most dangerous part of the equation is the human component, Ray Ban sale and once removed, or at least, cheap nfl jerseys wholesale given a more relaxed role, safety can go up dramatically. The list goes on and on. All Apple did was just make a phone that 90% of the people that have it don’t need, and 80% wouldn’t have bought had it Wholesale Jerseys not been for the marketing.

The difference between the iPhone and all the other things that I listed, is simple. The iPhone is hip. It’s cool. It’s the new must have. And because Time chose this piece of marketing instead of a true invention, one with benefit towards moving mankind forward, they’ve fallen for the Apple iEffect. Journalism has, once again, taken a back seat to marketing. And what’s Cheap Jordan Shoes funny is, I’m not the least looked. bit surprised.


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