Folding @ Home

Important Note: We have changed our stats update schedule to every hour due to Stanford doing the same. The update timer will be wrong for a while (it’s still running on the 3-hour schedule).



Xtreme CPU aims to further Stanford’s research on complex diseases through contributions of protein folding simulations, as well as raise the public awareness on the Folding at Home project through friendly competitions with other folding teams.


Latest News-

XCPUs smashes the 750,000,000 point mark!

You read that right; XCPUs has collectively amassed over 750,000,000 points! Keep it up folders, well done!


What is Folding at Home?

Folding at home, or F@H for short, is a distributed computing research project conducted by Stanford University. The objective of the project is to study the folding and misfolding of proteins, and how such misfolding can cause complex diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Cancer.

Using a program compiled by Stanford, you can help to further this project, and find a cure to those diseases. For further information, please visit the XCPUs Folding At Home FAQ.


How can I contribute?

New guide(s) are being cooked up, so please pardon our dust! For the mean time, please post any questions you may have by creating a new thread in the XCPUs Folding Forum.